The Importance of Regular Maintenance in Waterproofing

Regular maintenance, particularly for pumps and waterproofing channels, is a crucial advantage over other waterproofing methods. While alternative systems may simply fail and lead to flooding, a well-serviced system anticipates problems, allowing for timely solutions before any damage occurs. In contrast to other methods where the connection with the designer and installer ends post-contract, a serviced system ensures ongoing expert support and annual reviews of your waterproofing.

In the initial years, it’s particularly vital to service the channels. Pumps will signal with an alarm before flooding, but channels, being the lifeline of the system, don’t have this feature. They must remain unblocked and clean, necessitating regular inspections. The updated BS8102:2022 Standard emphasises repairability and serviceability as its core principles.

When it comes to Type C cavity drain waterproofing systems, they stand out as the only types that can be easily repaired and maintained. However, this is contingent on correct design and consistent servicing. The BS8102’s Paragraph 10 updates focus on serviceability. These updates underline the responsibility of the waterproofing designer to ensure the system meets all maintenance and drainage serviceability requirements. They provide detailed guidance on pump systems, their discharge methods, and underscore the importance of maintenance, repairs, commissioning, and future servicing. The goal is to “maximise the long-term integrity and effectiveness of a waterproofing system.”

Additionally, the design of the waterproofing system should include access points for routine channel and outlet maintenance, strategically placed for ease of access. We advocate for these access points to be suitable for camera inspections, a feature often overlooked. Viewing the maintenance schedule as a benefit is crucial. It’s the only system that allows for an annual inspection. In a well-designed and maintained system, any potential issues can be identified early, often indicated by an alarm, before causing damage. Typically, these issues are straightforward to fix.

This approach to waterproofing system maintenance not only ensures the longevity and effectiveness of the system but also offers peace of mind, knowing that your property is protected against water damage through proactive and regular checks.