Choosing the Right Waterproofing Expert: Why It Matters

Is your waterproofing person really clued up on the job? Do they know the building work well and have plenty of hands-on experience?

Even though it’s not a must to always have a waterproofing expert in your team, it can be risky not to. If problems come up and you didn’t follow the BS812:2022 advice to have an expert, your team might be blamed. So, it’s good to have someone who knows the ropes.

Experience is Key

This isn’t just about following rules; it’s about learning from past work.

Practical experience is vital. Learning in a classroom is one thing, but a busy building site is different. You need to work well with others, like architects and builders, and understand what they need. You must see the bigger picture, not just the waterproofing bit. Sometimes, what looks good on paper doesn’t work in real life. And just because someone did well on a small job, doesn’t mean they can handle a big one.

The updated 2022 rules, like the ones from 2009, say it’s a good idea to have a Waterproofing Specialist in your team. This person should come up with plans that fit the job and know how building works go step by step.

According to the BS8102:2022:

  • The waterproofing person should be skilled and have done similar jobs before.
  • This person should join the team before the planning stage.
  • Their skills and past work should suit the job you’re doing.

Big warranty companies, like NHBC, Premier, and LABC, want the waterproofing person to have special qualifications, like CSSW and WDS. They should also have insurance that covers mistakes. If the person planning is not the one doing the work, the worker should:
A) Agree with the plan in writing.
B) Have insurance, ideally covering up to £10 million, to keep the customer safe.

ArtiWaterproofing has this insurance and has been working reliably for over 25 years in London and all over the UK. We’re known for being trustworthy and skilled. Our team has planned waterproofing for all sorts of jobs, from home basements to tricky business & commercial projects.

Knowing what might go wrong and planning for it is key. We make sure our team keeps learning and getting better. We’re proud of our team and the work we do.