Waterproofing Specialist Services

All of our projects are finished to a very high standard with the emphasis on attention to detail.

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Our Services

Working throughout the UK, Arti Waterproofing takes pride in offering the highest level of service with every major manufacturer across the sector.

Waterproofing Design

Basement Waterproofing

& Balconies

Ground Gas Membrane

Car Parks

Pumping System

External Membrane

Construction Joints

Waterproofing New Build and Existing Basements

When creating dry and comfortable below ground living spaces, expert waterproofing is mission critical. Any failure to this can be catastrophic and expensive to rectify. The importance of choosing a specialist, experienced company cannot and should not be underestimated. Arti Structural Waterproofing are responsible for both the design and the installation. 

Deck and Roof Waterproofing

Buried roof or podium decking are essential to create perfect subterranean rooms or just the perfect sleek top to your basement project. We have all the know-how and installation support here to help you create the look you want from single ply systems to extensive green roofs. Call us now to discuss your project.

Complete Basement Construction

Increasing the potential living space with single and multi-storey underground extensions is a great way of increasing your size of property without requiring more land. We work with your designers on all structural works and are experts in building alterations, subterranean rooms and utilising natural light wherever possible.

Concrete Repairs and Joint Sealing

Your property stands between you and a lot of environmental elements so naturally over time the age, deterioration subsidence or water ingress can damage your house. We have a qualified and experienced team that can help you solve these problems, and with great customer reviews and extended insurance, you can be sure you are leaving the foundations of your home in good hands. Arti can help with:

  • Concrete Repairs
  • Crack Injection
  • Movement Joints
  • Injectable Waterbars