Why Our Emphasis On People Sets Us Apart

At the core of our philosophy lies a profound emphasis on people, a principle that remains unwavering as Artiwaterproofing marks over 25 years of experience. From the start, Artiwaterproofing has been a beacon of innovation and a reservoir of waterproofing expertise, with our dedicated team standing as pillars of strength behind the enduring success of our business.

Week after week, we find ourselves fielding inquiries and seeking to provide valuable guidance to architects, contractors, and engineers engaged in projects of all scopes — from single residential properties to monumental, iconic developments. Our commitment is steadfast: to offer the most insightful advice, irrespective of project size.

This commitment is made possible through the expertise of our team. Every member of our sales and technical team possesses an intricate understanding of waterproofing and gas proofing, enabling them to offer tailored guidance for any challenge or requirement. This approach ensures that our customers experience a seamless journey, free from unnecessary handovers between different teams throughout their projects.

In the context of smaller projects, contractors often seek our counsel on product selection, and our prompt responses, often through brief phone calls, facilitate their decision-making process. This accessibility ensures that contractors receive immediate assistance, allowing them to progress without hindrance.

For larger projects with intricate demands, our team remains actively engaged throughout the entire process — from the design phase to project completion. This involvement extends to offering installer training, conducting site visits, and providing continuous consultation and support during installation and beyond.

While Artiwaterproofing boasts a diverse array of high-performance solutions for below, at, and above-ground waterproofing and gas proofing, our priority is recommending products tailored to each application. Our technical team maintains transparency regarding product capabilities, and if a product isn’t the ideal fit, we may suggest exploring alternatives from different suppliers we work with. This approach not only builds trust but often leads to customers returning to us for subsequent projects.

Engaging with our team underscores their expertise in waterproofing, yet we strive to present technical information in an accessible manner, avoiding overwhelming customers with unnecessary jargon. Building trust is our paramount goal; when we propose a strategy or approach, our customers can be confident in its effectiveness.

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