Waterproofing & Sealing Construction Joints

Waterproofing & Sealing Construction Joints

Our waterproofing Design Specialists team have knowledge and experience in designing successfully waterproofing and damp proofing structures. 

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Effective Waterproofing of Expansion Joints

An expansion joint, also known as a movement joint, is an intentional gap in concrete or masonry constructions, allowing for expansion and contraction. This structural space between adjacent parts of a structure accommodates safe and negligible relative movement caused by thermal changes, creep (stress redistribution from intense points), shrinkage, ground settlement, or other factors.

During the curing process, concrete and reinforced concrete naturally contract slightly, necessitating the use of expansion joints.

These joints are particularly vital when laying new concrete or reinforced concrete in areas enclosed by walls or buildings. They prevent the transfer of pressure to surrounding structures, which could otherwise result in cracks in the concrete slab or walls.

The design of the joint is crucial for the overall integrity and function of a structure. It’s advisable to keep the design and construction of these joints as straightforward as possible.

Waterproofing an expansion joint is essential to reduce water penetration into a structure, thus preventing potential damage and extending the building’s lifespan.

Choosing a waterproofing barrier that can accommodate expected joint movements is key for enduring effectiveness. Inadequate waterproofing can lead to gaps allowing moisture ingress.

Expansion joints can be either vertical or horizontal. In both cases, it’s essential to ensure that the adjacent fresh concrete layer is thoroughly compacted.

Structures with numerous expansion joints are more prone to leaks or water ingress, as these are considered weak points.

When waterproofing an expansion joint, it’s important to use a material that adheres permanently to the joint edges, remains flexible, and, in some cases, needs restraining.

The application of the waterproofing barrier should adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions regarding materials and methods.

Incorporating expansion joint waterproofing can be done at the design stage or as a retrofit for failing systems.

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Our Technical and Design Team are on hand to create the perfect waterproofing solution. Our experts will take the time to understand your project in detail including the structure, the surrounding environment, the budget and intended use to design a robust waterproofing design.


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Our specialist installers will create your waterproofing solution to the designed specification perfectly. Our onsite team are fully qualified and experienced to install Arti-Approved manufacturers and suppliers systems. Whether we work directly with clients in their homes, or as subcontractors on large constructions site, our teams are polite, professional, dedicated, focused and great additions to your project.



We have GPI and PI insurances for all of our works. Arti Waterproofing also offers a 10 year warranty on our workmanship meaning that our commitment to the client does not end when we leave site.