Dryhill Park – Basement Waterproofing

At 15 Dryhill Park, a small basement beneath a semi-detached house was waiting for transformation. Though compact, the potential of this underground space was immense. The challenge? To convert this damp-prone area into a dry, habitable space suitable for a variety of uses.


We approached this project with the knowledge that even the smallest spaces can yield significant value when treated correctly. After assessing the specific requirements of the basement, it was evident that the Type C Cavity Drain System would be the optimal solution. This system, renowned for its impeccable waterproofing capabilities, was meticulously specified to tailor-fit the unique dimensions and needs of the Dryhill Park basement.


The outcome at 15 Dryhill Park is nothing short of transformative. Thanks to Arti team’s expertise and the power of the Type C Cavity Drain System, a previously underutilised basement has been reimagined. Now fully waterproofed and guaranteed, this space is primed for its next chapter, be it a cosy lounge, a productive home office, or a recreational hideaway. This project is a testament to the fact that, with the right approach, any space, irrespective of its size, can be moulded to reach its full potential.