Residential Basement – Lordship Lane

Nestled within the residential area of Dulwich,  Lordship Lane lies a significant basement project. A large residential development presented a unique challenge: to provide a waterproofing solution for an expansive basement area, ensuring longevity and quality.


ArtiWaterproofing was entrusted with the comprehensive task,  design, installation, and guarantee for the entire development’s waterproofing needs. After thorough analysis and design considerations, the optimal choice was clear. The Type C Cavity Drain System, known for its robustness and reliability, was specified for this project. In collaboration with Newton, high-quality materials were sourced to ensure that the installation was not only quick but met the highest of standards.


The end product at 255 Lordship Lane speaks for itself. The once vulnerable basement area is now a showcase of waterproofing excellence, protected by top-tier materials and craftsmanship. Homeowners and residents can enjoy peace of mind, knowing that their living space is guarded against water and dampness. This project stands as proof of our dedication to quality, speed, and superior results.