Gas Protection & Structural Waterproofing

Gas Protection & Structural Waterproofing

Our waterproofing Design Specialists team have knowledge and experience in designing successfully waterproofing and damp proofing structures. 

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Waterproofing structures is essential for safeguarding structural elements, buildings, and installations from water infiltration. This not only mitigates risks but also extends the lifespan of the structure. Additionally, certain subterranean construction projects necessitate protection against both water ingress and gas contamination.

Contemporary advancements now enable the creation of waterproofing designs that integrate both water and gas proofing systems. However, these projects demand a distinct approach and methodology compared to standard waterproofing designs. Both BS 8102:2022 and BS 8485:2015+A1:2019 play a crucial role in this context. Basements and underground structures requiring water and gas proofing are not inherently more complex to design, but they do call for additional considerations during the design phase and throughout the project’s duration.

The primary goal of structural waterproofing is to shield a structure from water ingress throughout its lifespan.

On the other hand, ground gas protection aims to prevent the accumulation of gases around a structure.

Combining Waterproofing Design with Ground Gas Protection
Recent innovations in the waterproofing industry have introduced Ground Gas Protection Systems, capable of providing both gas and water protection.

A Waterproofing Design Specialist, well-versed in BS8102:2009 and BS8485:2015 standards, can develop a waterproofing design that encompasses both water and gas proofing systems.

Characteristic Situation Score and Hazard Assessment
If a site is identified with gas or hydrocarbon contamination, it is assigned a Characteristic Situation Score based on the severity of ground gas emission.

Sites characterised with a gas situation score necessitate a gas protection system and, where identified, a waterproof protection barrier.

Methods of Gas Protection

Gas protection is a technical strategy to prevent or control gas penetration into buildings. Controlling gas migration typically involves blocking the gas pathway or eliminating the gas source. Several methods are available to safeguard existing or new properties.

To achieve the required minimum points score, a combination of two or more of the following gas protection measures should be employed:

  • Structural Barrier
  • Ventilation Measures
  • Gas Resistant Membrane

Methods of Structural Waterproofing

There are three primary types of waterproofing methods:

  1. Type A Tanked or Barrier Protection: Utilises cementitious or bitumen-based products applied internally, externally, or sandwiched within the structure.
  2. Type B Structurally Integral Protection: Employs reinforced or prestressed concrete designed with integrated details such as water bars for water resistance.
  3. Type C Drained Protection: Implements Cavity Drainage Systems which manage water ingress in a controlled manner.

Evaluating groundwater conditions, conducting risk assessments, and considering drainage options outside the structure are always crucial steps.

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Our Technical and Design Team are on hand to create the perfect waterproofing solution. Our experts will take the time to understand your project in detail including the structure, the surrounding environment, the budget and intended use to design a robust waterproofing design.


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Our specialist installers will create your waterproofing solution to the designed specification perfectly. Our onsite team are fully qualified and experienced to install Arti-Approved manufacturers and suppliers systems. Whether we work directly with clients in their homes, or as subcontractors on large constructions site, our teams are polite, professional, dedicated, focused and great additions to your project.



We have GPI and PI insurances for all of our works. Arti Waterproofing also offers a 10 year warranty on our workmanship meaning that our commitment to the client does not end when we leave site.