Car Parks

Car Parks

Our waterproofing Design Specialists team have knowledge and experience in designing successfully waterproofing and damp proofing below ground parking structures. 

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Car park waterproofing is all about providing a cohesive, robust solution that has a durable finish which looks great. 

Car parks are subject to varying elements like car fumes, petrol/diesel, chemicals, UV radiation and of course water ingress. We are able to provide a solution which is hard wearing and effective against all these forces.

Car parks size, location, substrate, use and levels are also considered when we design our systems. 

We utilise a multi discipline approach to car parks and the waterproofing consists of:

        Deck waterproofing
        Liquid/spray applied
        Joint injection/Crack repair

        Structural waterproofing

We use all of these specialisations to create a holistic and cohesive waterproofing design that works for the whole building. 

Remedial & Existing Car Parks Waterproofing

Typical problems associated with existing car parks are

        Leaks though cracks and joints.
        Ponding surface water.
        Lack of maintenance and upkeep.
        Water ingress causing steel erosion.
        Inappropriate unsuitable product choice.

        Sparse or no waterproofing.

Our remedial solutions include, specialist resins and anti-carbonation coatings which allow us to repair and protect against these common car park defects.

New Build Car Park Waterproofing

British Standard BS8102 2020 confirms that a waterproofing designer should be included on the design team as soon as possible and this is very important for car parks as they have a complex and varying needs that must be protected.

Our design team will create a design that ensures that the building will be protected and safe from the various elements they are subject to. Our designs are fully guaranteed and our installation workmanship is warranted for 10 years after we leave site.

Contact Arti now or send your drawings directly to our technical team to get one of our experts on your design team today. 

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From start to finish -
we’ll be there alongside you



Our Technical and Design Team are on hand to create the perfect waterproofing solution. Our experts will take the time to understand your project in detail including the structure, the surrounding environment, the budget and intended use to design a robust waterproofing design.


Installing & Supply

Our specialist installers will create your waterproofing solution to the designed specification perfectly. Our onsite team are fully qualified and experienced to install Arti-Approved manufacturers and suppliers systems. Whether we work directly with clients in their homes, or as subcontractors on large constructions site, our teams are polite, professional, dedicated, focused and great additions to your project.



We have GPI and PI insurances for all of our works. Arti Waterproofing also offers a 10 year warranty on our workmanship meaning that our commitment to the client does not end when we leave site.