Basement Waterproofing

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New or Existing Build waterproofing

We offer a bespoke service for new build and existing properties, cavity drain membrane systems, tanking renders, modern tanking slurries, external waterproofing, ground, waste, and sewage pumping systems. As approved installers of several waterproofing products we can without bias, put forward a design using the system or systems we feel will be the most suitable for your requirements. In following the current British Standards and industry guidance documents we can offer meaningful, insured installation guarantees for the work we undertake and full design liability for the waterproofing aspect of your project.

We Tailor Each Style Of Waterproofing To Your Needs And Requirements To Give You A Guaranteed Dry Space To Enjoy.

Let us be an effortless addition to your new basement build team. We are happy to work with specifiers, contractors, engineers, and architects to provide you the best bespoke designed solution to your waterproofing to ensure a 100% dry structure 100% of the time. The incorporation of a qualified waterproofing specialist (CSSW and WDS) when going underground is a must according to the British standards. All designs and installations are fully guaranteed, insured, and inspected so you can have complete confidence.

So, you want to unleash the hidden potential of your current property? A new gym, cinema room or simply another bedroom. We are experts at waterproofing existing structures. Our team of specialists will design and install a bespoke and sympathetic waterproofing solution for your project. Every property is unique and so must be the waterproofing solution. Let us design the best and most suitable waterproofing solution for your home. We are fully insured and guaranteed and have great customer reviews.

  • Water management systems
  • External membranes
  • Pre-applied membranes
  • Liquid spray coatings
  • Ground gas systems
  • Cementitious coatings
  • CDM (Cavity Drain Systems)
  • Tanking Renders

  • Pumping systems

  • Resin injection

  • Injectable waterbars

  • Concrete repair
  • Modified Tanking Slurries

  • Movement joints
The products we use in our designs are traditionally separated into the A, B and C. 
  • Type A 
A Type A system is known as an ‘applied system’. This refers to a product that is directly bonded to the structure to make it waterproof. You can apply a Type A system externally or internally. 
  • Type B 
Type B system are concrete/substrate applied waterproof solution. Concrete additives, joint sealing and water-bars are part of this system. Its all about what the structure is made of and making this part of the build as water tight as possible.
  • Type C
Otherwise known as the cavity membrane system these clever products will be suggested every-time you require a completely dry internal environment. Comprised of an egg carton shaped plastic sheeting that covers the walls and floor, this system then utilises a pump and alarm system or natural drainage to remove water from the property keeping the internal finishes safe and dry. 
Contact our waterproofing design experts now to get your basement dry and keep it that way. 
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From start to finish -
we’ll be there alongside you



Our Technical and Design Team are on hand to create the perfect waterproofing solution. Our experts will take the time to understand your project in detail including the structure, the surrounding environment, the budget and intended use to design a robust waterproofing design.


Installing & Supply

Our specialist installers will create your waterproofing solution to the designed specification perfectly. Our onsite team are fully qualified and experienced to install Arti-Approved manufacturers and suppliers systems. Whether we work directly with clients in their homes, or as subcontractors on large constructions site, our teams are polite, professional, dedicated, focused and great additions to your project.



We have GPI and PI insurances for all of our works. Arti Waterproofing also offers a 10 year warranty on our workmanship meaning that our commitment to the client does not end when we leave site.