Waterproofing Grades

When designing a waterproofing system, we must consider what the intended use for the space is. From bike storage to plant rooms, wine cellars to bedrooms, or even an underground spa and swimming pool – the use of a below ground space is endless and each of these will require distinct levels of waterproofing.

The new British Standard BS8102-2022 defines these different waterproofing requirements through in a new grading system. This system makes it easier for a waterproofing specialist to define the need for their specific solution. A basement car park may not need the same requirements as a basement used as a living space and this definition allows us to design to this difference and not over specify on projects where there is not a need or alternatively to create a very watertight solution. 

Every project and every use are unique to each specific build. We will always maintain that waterproofing is about seeing the building holistically and choosing the waterproofing solution that meets the specific needs of that project. Therefore, it is so important to use these grades appropriately and a specialist who is suitably experienced and qualified to design the waterproofing solution. 

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