Waterproofing Historical and Grade Listed Buildings

Marrying design, aesthetics, waterproofing with historical preservation requirements can be a precarious but critical undertaking for our design team. 

The new BS8102 2022 states that a “pragmatic approach should be taken when dealing with buildings of historical or architecturalsignificance. Efforts should be made to limit or prevent actions that could reduce the value osuch buildings for future generations.” 
One of the main considerations here is to make sure that the water protection does not harm the structure and is reversible. This is essential as we want to preserve the section/structure as best we can. Also when dealing with listed properties and historical stakeholders, the most important detail is the ability to reverse the waterproofing for observations, comparison or preservation. 

Historical and Listed waterproofing should only ever be designed by a Waterproofing Expert. Failure to meet the legislative requirements of historical buildings can be a costly and time consuming undertaking should anything go wrong. 

Our design team consider it a true privilege to be involved in the waterproofing and preservation of grade listed building. With our knowledge and design experience to effectively preserve your slice of history.