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Sustainable Waterproofing

May 19, 2021

Here’s a great example of Sustainable Waterproofing Design from the Arti Team.


Working with the Adrian Design, we have transformed unused vaults into a functional spaces with consideration to our environmental impact.


THE PREP – No chemicals – just a stiff brush, some pointing and a little time.


THE WATERPROOF LAYER – Newtons 508 Mesh Membrane – A closed loop recycling service provided by Newton Waterproofing so all offcuts are returned to the manufacturers to be recycled into other construction materials. That’s zero waste!


THE FINISH – Diasen Diathonite Evolution – Inspired by nature this render is diatomaceous earth, cork and clay based. It works as a render and insulation so eliminates the need for additional often plastic based products. They have also added natural hydraulic lime to offer a guarantee of efficient, healthy and long lasting product.

Longer lasting is more sustainable.


When designing any waterproofing system Arti will use the most sustainable products available whether new build or existing, big or small – Sustainability is at the heart of what we do.


We are passionate about lowering the construction industries impact on the environment and are here to assist with your next sustainable specification.