How do I waterproof my listed building?

Protecting and preserving our historical buildings is an important but sometimes tricky undertaking. Often it is a delicate mix of preserving the structure’s historical importance and also making the space functional for today’s living requirements – all the while meeting stringent planning requirements.

Cavity drain membrane really comes into its own on listed properties, protecting and conserving our historical buildings with ease.

This great system is sympathetic to the internal structure – bending and shaping round the often irregular walls with minimal disturbance to the building itself. It also allows air to move freely within the cavity created between the wall surface and membrane allowing the building to breathe.

And let’s face it, we all can do with a little air sometimes.

Our Belmont project is a great example of listed building waterproofing. The basement was very damp and unusable. We delivered a completely dry internal space with minimal disruption to the listed structure meeting planning permission needs.

All within budget and on time

Now this once dilapidated space is a contemporary London office, complete with a kitchen and dividable rooms.