Waterproofing for Basements: Best Practices and Innovative Solutions

The significance of waterproofing in building design cannot be overstated. A single mistake in this critical aspect can compromise the entire building’s integrity, leading to potentially disastrous consequences. In this article, we will delve into some common challenges associated with basement waterproofing and provide valuable insights into crafting an effective waterproofing strategy and a responsible design framework.

We consistently emphasize the importance of early collaboration between the project team and us. This collaboration ensures the selection and proper installation of proven and compatible systems, a crucial aspect when dealing with basement waterproofing. The intricate junctions between a basement and a podium level require careful consideration, emphasizing the need for overall ownership.

An essential aspect of designing below-ground waterproofing involves ensuring continuity around foundation design, particularly in piled foundations with pile caps. Achieving waterproof pile caps and effectively sealing around piles is simplified with Artiwaterproofing’s external tanking membrane. This product is fixed to the inside of the shuttering and dressed around the piles. For more complex foundation designs and tight schedules, exploring alternative methods is advisable.

With this in mind, we have introduced a time-saving alternative that eliminates the need to protect pile caps. Using cement seal, a liquid-applied product, across the top of the pile caps and around the reinforcement, followed by horizontally applying, an external tanking membrane, allows for uninterrupted construction of the foundations before initiating the waterproofing process.

This waterproofing method proved successful in many of our projects, enabling contractors to set and pour foundations in line with the tight programme deadline. An additional benefit of this approach is that different elements of waterproofing can occur in quick succession, facilitating efficient inspections and a swift overall application.

Implementing this approach contributes to delivering a meticulously detailed and dry basement, aligning with all operational aspirations of building owners or occupants. For further information on the optimal waterproofing products for your basement project, please contact our technical team at 020 4501 8087.