The New British Standards – BS8102-2022

The new British Standards for protecting below-ground structures from water ingress are now live. The BS8102-2022 has many new updates and we will be focusing on these in the upcoming articles.

The first point to note is that British Standards re-affirms the importance and need of a Specialist Waterproofing Designer at the Design Stage – “A waterproofing specialist should be appointed as part of the design team so that an integrated waterproofing solution is created”

This seat at the design team table is meaningful as it gives us further credence and recognises waterproofing as a specialty. Waterproofing is often seen as ‘just another expense’ when resolved further down the chain. However, the truth is that if we are appointed at the design stage we can actually save the client money by assisting with the creation of a more water-tight structure.

Further to this by choosing a Waterproofing Specialist that is not associated with a certain brand then you will be provided with design solutions that contain the best and most suitable product for the substrate and the specification as a whole, for we are able to recommend products that cater for other design considerations like sustainability or budget not just what is in our range.

Also, let’s talk culpability – Having a Waterproof Specialist on the design team places the liability for the waterproofing at our feet. We have the expertise and qualifications to provide a correct design and proper insurance to take full liability.

In addition to this, we have the understanding and specialisation to go through the ground reports, attend site meetings and provide full reports on water and noxious gas protection.

This recognition of our specialty by British Standards has been very welcomed and please do contact Artiwaterproofing now to access our Free Tender Design Service. We would love to be part of your design team!