New Build and Existing Basements

Waterproofing New Build and Existing Basements

We offer a bespoke service for new build and existing properties, cavity drain membrane systems, tanking renders, modern tanking slurries, external waterproofing, ground, waste, and sewage pumping systems. As approved installers of several waterproofing products we can without bias, put forward a design using the system or systems we feel will be the most suitable for your requirements. In following the current British Standards and industry guidance documents we can offer meaningful, insured installation guarantees for the work we undertake and full design liability for the waterproofing aspect of your project.

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We tailor each style of waterproofing to your needs and requirements to give you a guaranteed dry space to enjoy.

Contact us now to speak to one of our waterproofing experts on 020 4501 8087 or fill out the enquiry form on our contacts page and we will get back to you.

New Build

Let us be an effortless addition to your new basement build team. We are happy to work with specifiers, contractors, engineers, and architects to provide you the best bespoke designed solution to your waterproofing to ensure a 100% dry structure 100% of the time. The incorporation of a qualified waterproofing specialist (CSSW and WDS) when going underground is a must according to the British standards. All designs and installations are fully guaranteed, insured, and inspected so you can have complete confidence.


So, you want to unleash the hidden potential of your current property? A new gym, cinema room or simply another bedroom. We are experts at waterproofing existing structures. Our team of specialists will design and install a bespoke and sympathetic waterproofing solution for your project. Every property is unique and so must be the waterproofing solution. Let us design the best and most suitable waterproofing solution for your home. We are fully insured and guaranteed and have great customer reviews.

CDM (Cavity Drain Systems)

Cavity Drain Systems are made up of wall and floor membranes that line the internal walls of the structure. Maintainable drainage channels then divert water to a discharge removable point. CDM is a more sympathetic approach to waterproofing and requires less preparation without causing damage to the fabric of the building. With many benefits against the more traditional tanking systems, CDM provide:

  • A damp proof and waterproof barrier.
    Controls water penetration instead of trying to stop it which can induce further stress and strains on the structure.
  • Minimal/no damage caused to the substrate.
  • The design of the cavity systems allows air movement ensuring the walls can still breathe.
  • This system works perfectly in historical, and grade-listed buildings as the system offer a completely reversible solution that does not affect the substrate, therefore, meeting planning permission requirements when designed correctly.
  • All the membranes used in the applications are 100% recyclable any wastage is taken back by the manufacturers and recycled back into the industry – see our green spec page for more information on our green initiatives.


Tanking renders

Otherwise known as Cementitious Waterproofing or Type A system – a Tanking render is a waterproof barrier that is applied directly to the substrate. This form of waterproofing works very well on new and existing structures. Our Waterproofing Specialists will assist you in this design and advise on the suitability of these specialist products. Our technicians are fully trained and qualified to apply these products seamlessly.

External waterproofing

External waterproofing provides a wraparound barrier between your underground building substrate and the ground to combat with the water at its source. It is important to get this correct from the beginning and Arti Waterproofing can choose the correct membrane for your structures needs from a variety of manufacturers. With careful consideration of gas, radon, and ground contamination we will design, supply and install with all the guarantees required.

Construction Joints

Its not the concrete that leaks it is the space between – and that’s where Arti can help.
Joint and penetrations are susceptible and more prone to hydrostatic pressure or water ingress. This means that they require additional waterproofing measures to ensure a watertight property. There are many products available from adhesive tapes, hydrophilic gaskets, injection hose systems, and thermoplastic water bars. Let Arti Structural Waterproofing take the stress out of knowing, which is the most suitable solution for your project

Modified tanking Slurries

This clever innovation has been around for a while and they are only getting better. They work like traditional tanking renders but are polymer based, so achieves the same level of dry and protection against hydrostatic pressure with a thinner substance and quicker application. It is a specialist product that must be applied by a specialist team. Capable of spraying up to 500m2 + a day resulting in a more efficient and cost-effective package.

These polymer-based products are:

  • flexible
  • trafficable
  • breathable
  • completely waterproof
  • made in sustainable environments using water borne technology.


We have all the technical support you need to be able to utilise this product on your project.

Pumping Systems

Some underground structures can utilise natural drainage to remove water, but this will always come with risks like smells, blockages and surcharging of main drains. Pumps are the safer option.
Our Pump designs whether ground, waste, or sewage will provide the ultimate protection for your structure. Our designers work alongside the manufactures to ensure the most efficient pumping station with the latest in smart technology for your project. To give you peace of mind that your property is completely dry, and your fixtures and finishes are safe from water ingress.
Battery backup systems and full-service maintenance agreements are a must to ensure continual pumping.
All our systems are bespoke designed, fully insured and guaranteed.