Rising Damp

It’s pretty disheartening when we enter a client freshly painted room to see signs of rising damp and unfortunately no amount of “good paint” will stop this occurrence (although we see many attempts). You have to stop the damp at its source and Arti is here to help. 
Rising damp is caused by water movement through capillaries (small naturally occurring holes or veins) in the wall substrate. The water enters the property though these small veins from the ground up and carries salt within it. This water and salt causes issues to fixtures and finishes, degrading plaster, darkening/bubbling paint and sometimes even leaving a physical white salt line. 
To correctly address rising damp you need a specialist surveyor that is correctly qualified and also experienced enough to diagnose the issue. Incorrect diagnosis and treatment will mean that the damp issue will remain. Rising damp can be mistaken for condensation/ventilation issues and other reasons for moisture. At Arti our team hold CSSW, CSRT and WDS qualifications and have been in the industry for over two decades. This means that we have the ability to correctly diagnose and find a solution that suits.
We have a speciality in Damp Proof Course and internal rendering that can solve this issue. We will work with you, your property to create a bespoke system that will stop the damp and protect your perfectly chosen paint and wall finish.