Office Basement Waterproofing – Golders Green Road

Arti Waterproofing were involved at an early stage in this new-build project in Golders Green, North West London, to construct an office basement and 4-storey dwelling containing 7 new flats.

Working alongside Landmark Architecture and Barnard Associates Structural Engineers, Arti were faced with the challenges of excavating and waterproofing a 330m2 new basement at 3.5 metres deep, whilst also coping with very restricted site access and a tight timescale.


As a completely dry office environment was required, Arti chose an external Type A system with an integrally waterproofing Type B concrete structure. We began with Newton 403 HydroBond beneath the slab and against the secant piles. The Type A solution was completed with the application of a Newton 104 crystalline solution to the tops of the piles, and Newton 314-BG bentonite granules to seal around the pile caps.
To provide a watertight Type B concrete structure, Arti then installed Newton 315 Polymer-Waterbar to all construction joints in the concrete slab and walls.

Once the walls had been constructed, the waterproofing was installed with an internal Newton CDM System. The membrane was applied to the walls and floor with a sump and pump system to drain the collected water away from the structure. XPS was then laid on the ground to insulate the floor and provide space for the drains. A battery back up system was then added so that in the event of a power outage they system will continue keeping the basement dry. 


This is a beautiful, large and well-built basement, with Type A, B, and C waterproofing installed perfectly. Our onsite team delivered this exemplary installation throughout covid 19 restrictions and also adhered to the client’s own time guidelines.

We received great recognition from the supplier Newton Waterproofing for this project. The clean lines, impeccably taped joints, and well-hung membrane are perfectly executed and they were delighted with the installation.