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So do you want your basement dry all of the time, or just some of the time

May 19, 2021

This was the motto from an American basement company I worked with some 20 years ago – It really stuck with me.


Our Golders Green project is a great example of “all of the time” waterproofing. It has all three types of waterproofing as the British Standard BS 8102 2009 recommends as the best form of protection.

  • Type A – Hydrobond externally complete with a hydrophilic core to protect the outside structure.
  • Type B – Correct concrete design. Using the structure as the primary defence, and not forgetting the most critical part of a concrete structure – the joints. We installed hydrophilic waterbars, including around all services and penetrations.
  • Type C – Drained protection – the ultimate system in any design – This includes a cavity drain membrane with dual pumping systems, pump controller and battery back up to further reduce risk.


All types working together to give you the fresh, clean and dry environment you want in your basement.


It also showcases the great work our installers do. Look at those joints – seamless!


So if you to want that “all the time” dry basement then Arti are here to help 0800 002 9171