Blackhurst Park, Tunbridge Wells

In the picturesque landscapes of Kent, a brand-new residence, Blackhurst Park, unveils a touch of modern luxury. As part of this new build, ArtiWaterproofing was given the pivotal role of creating a watertight basement sanctuary, complete with a swimming pool.


Blackhurst Park’s modern design included a basement designed to house a state-of-the-art swimming pool. The challenge was ensuring this underground marvel remained secure and free from any water ingress.

To achieve this, we implemented a robust Type B structure, designed especially for new builds. This was complemented by strategically placed water bars, offering an additional layer of protection. To further enhance the waterproofing, a Type C Cavity Drain System was introduced, armed with two efficient pumping stations and a reliable battery backup.


With ArtiWaterproofing’s expertise at the helm, Blackhurst Park now boasts a stunning, water-resistant basement and swimming pool. It’s not just a feature of luxury but also a testament to our engineering, and design, ensuring that this new addition remains pristine and enjoyable for many years ahead. Watch our full video below.