Balcony Waterproofing and Fireproofing, London

As part of the Wandsworth regeneration programme to increase the number of affordable homes, Wates Residential were awarded the contract to build a new, six-storey block of apartments on the Shuttleworth Road.


The structure included 59 concrete balconies, all requiring waterproofing with a product with a minimum fire rating of A2-s1-d0, tested to BS EN 13501-1.


The minimum fire rating of A2-s1-d0 now precludes the polyurethane and polyurea products that were commonly used on balconies. Arti therefore used a cementitious and modified-polymer membrane. As well as carrying the required fire rating, this membrane can resist extremely high positive and negative water pressure, forming a hard, durable coating with a degree of elasticity that makes it ideal for protecting concrete.
Arti also created smoothing fillets to reinforce the joints, details and changes in direction.
On site, Arti needed to work flexibly, as the programme could not proceed without the waterproofing and fireproofing of the balcony upstands. However, due to the propping of the concrete formwork to the floors above, Arti had to execute their installation in two phases of efficient and detailed waterproofing.


Thanks to a meticulous eye for detail, as well as careful planning and thorough preparation of the concrete balconies, Arti was able to complete the waterproofing of all 59 balconies in two stages. This was managed as well as delivering the required A2-s1-d0 fire rating, and the installation was completed quickly without compromising the program of the build.