1930’s Art Deco Building- Basement Waterproofing – London

Arti Waterproofing worked with Prince Build and Workman PLC to waterproof this very wet basement in New Oxford st London. Built in 1931 by Gunton & Gunton, this beautiful historically significant 1930’s Art Deco style building was a privilege to waterproof and preserve.


Unfortunately, the client had already taken measures to waterproof this basement before we arrived, however, they did not instruct a waterproofing specialist to design and install – they used their builder. The builder did utilise good cavity drain waterproofing products but the installation was so bad that the basement flooded. Once on site, It took our team one week to drain and control the huge body of water that had accumulated due to the substandard workmanship.  

Once dry enough we commenced the removal of the internal finishes that had become water damaged. This was tough work, as the onsite team had to carry the damaged items by hand up two flights of stairs and to the busy New Oxford street for disposal via a skip. 

Once clean and water-free, we installed an internal Newton CDM System. The CDM membrane was fixed to the walls and laid over the floor and a 50mm XPS insulation, and drainage channels were positioned and connected to a sump and pump system to collect the water and discharge it away from the structure. To add further protection, a battery backup system was installed to the pumping system so that in the event of a power outage the system would continue to operate and keep the basement dry.


The new Standards BS18102 2022 confirms that a waterproofing specialist should be involved at the design stage of the build. This building showcases why this is so important – the installation of waterproofing is about great design and impeccable craftsmanship. 

Also while our surveyor was onsite he noted a small opening and with his experience recommended further investigations. The small opening was actually another full room that had been boarded over and forgotten, The clients were grateful for this expert guidance as they gained further square footage in the highly sought-after Central London location. 

The basement is now dry and ready for the finishing touches. This space will be used as an office and also storage for sensitive electrical equipment and we are certain that the installation and design of our waterproofing will keep these spaces safe and dry.