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Responsibility For waterproofing Design

June 14, 2022

The new British Standard BS8102 2022 released earlier this year has further defined when responsibility for waterproofing of the project should be assigned:


“Those responsible for the overall waterproofing design should be identified at planning stage or as early as possible.


Where waterproofing Design responsibility is imparted as part of a contractural process, for example as a Contractors Designed Portion, the waterproofing specialist should be appointed as early as possible”


This welcomed addition identifies that waterproofing design responsibility should been pinned down at design stage and means that liability and ultimately culpability should something go wrong, lie squarely at the designated persons/companies feet. This identification therefore makes finding a solution to any waterproof related issue, whether it be remedial or compensatory, easier.


Every-time we assist with projects where the waterproofing has failed, the insurances and liability process has been a muddy and difficult journey for the end client. Suppliers, Designers, Main Contractors could all have had input in the waterproofing design and not one place is designated with the ultimate responsibility. This is why this standard is so important – it makes sure that the company/person is identified as early as possible so if anything goes wrong then there is only one place to turn.


We love working with Property Owners, Architects, Surveyors, Main contractors and Engineers to produce a a cohesive and holistic waterproofing solution and further to this our Tender Design Service is free, so call us now so we can place one of our qualified designers on your design team for your next project – we will take on all the responsibility and liability so you know that your project is in safe hands.