Finishing Touches

Our clients love speaking to us about their finishing touches. Beautiful carpets, wooden floors, amazing ornate tiles and freshly plastered walls add value to a property and make the space look good. 
We understand the importance of this and this why Arti will consider the finishes when we design your waterproofing system. Plasterboard, adhesives, renders, carpet and most flooring do not survive water ingress well, so we must specify the driest waterproofing system we can to protect the beautiful finishes that will be seen within the space.
Although this consideration is standard practice at Arti Waterproofing, the new British Standard BS8102-2022 backs this up within the Principle Considerations sections. 

“In order to develop a robust design for protecting a structure from entry of water from external sources, the following factors should be assessed… b)  the appropriate waterproofing measures… i.e. Type A, B or C protection and, where necessary, external drainage based on…2)  the intended use and finishes of the structure, with consideration given to any requirement for future flexibility of use. This should be undertaken in consultation with the client

Contact Arti now so we may help you keep the “wow factors” within the property safe and dry.